GGJ 2015 – Vienna!

At the end of January I was in Vienna for the Central European Game Conference. I was there helping out as a volunteer.

After the conference the real adventure began; the Global Game Jam. The theme of this Game Jam was ‘What do we do now?’. Our team had a bit of a bad start. The first evening of the Game Jam there was an after-party of the conference. So it took us until Saturday morning 11:00 to turn on our computers and get started.

Luckily we were in a creative mood during the after-party, and we came up with a brilliant idea. This is what I wrote down that night:

“The main character wakes up and sees completely blurry. By hitting in objects and squinting his eyes he can discover the room he is in.

Slowly the character will find room after room.

In the end the main character finds a goodbye note to his family and realizes that he actually did a failed suicide.

What do we do now?”

Mainly the suicide part was quite horrific the next morning, so we decided to leave that out. Also we couldn’t really agree on a certain idea/concept. So the first nine hours we decided to make a global prototype, and then define the concept better after we finished the prototype and knew how much fun it was.

This was a good call, because the prototype was already a lot of fun. So the following eighteen hours we had left, we finished the game. Play the game over here at Kongregate:­games/marijnz/white-out

And more info about my team:­2015/games/white-out

White Out 1

White Out 2

White Out 3