Remote working at Peerby

I try not to make this so called blog a Facebook profile by only posting status updates, but I’m afraid I’m going to bore you with another one.

First of all, something interesting, my current occupation has the most buzz words possible: I’m now a digital nomad working for a market disrupting sharing economy startup. Let that sink in for a second; I could shave off my beard and still be a hipster!

This means that I’m working for Peerby again, but remote now. Which enables me to travel the world at the same time. Currently I’m located in Cape Town, South Africa. Which has the best winters I’ve ever experienced! (It’s very much summer here)

So while doing programming like normal during the week. In the weekend I force myself into South Africa’s way too full trains and go for a surf a the warm Muizenberg beach. Or hike the very hike-able Lion’s Head and enjoy a indescribable view of Cape Town. Or rent a car and make a weekend trip inland looking for ostriches and zebras.

It’s very enjoyable! Too bad I hardly have time to work on some personal projects, which would give me actually something interesting to talk about. Maybe when I’m back in Amsterdam this January.

Cape Town from Lion's Head