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Dropped into a vague state of mind you completely lost sense of orientation, you decide though; what is up, down, left, right? Anyway, try to escape this madness!

January 2015

Mini Dogfight

Finish your pilot training in World War I and become an ace. Show that you are the best by defeating all the best aces of that time.

January 2014

Effects Everywhere

Nothing is as satisfying as the big flashes and coloful explosions of your amazing gun. Without hestitation one after the other aliens get cold blooded killed...

June 2014

First Line Defense

Airplane after airplane lands on your runway; airplanes break, need refueling, repainting; the list of tasks to do gets longer and longer. Can you get some clear structure in this airport?

May 2014

Soul Song

Death has abruptly separated two soulmates. They wander through hell's perilovs mazes. Find and repeat the rhythms of life and find each other...

February 2013


The city is occupied by aliens, roll this big snowball through the city to crush all the aliens and save humanity...

January 2013


This planet is evoling, stop it! Scare the people and use their fear to make the planet explode...

November 2012

Wingsuit Swooping

Standing on the edge of a huge mountain, you start shivering, but you jump! Feeling so free as you have never felt before you're going faster and faster. Getting closer to the mountain wall it is almost possible to touch it...

October 2012


Crawling out of a book with your friends you see grinding spikes slowly coming closer. As fast as you can jump you try to jump on the falling books...

June 2012

Solar Survivor

The resources on earth are running down, with the use of solar energy you need to find new resources before an other country does...

February 2012

Shopping Zombies

You're the sytem of an automatic shopping system. No-brain customers are approaching, it's your job to give them their right cloths before they are getting angry...

January 2012