Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I’m not giving up on creating some Christmas artwork every year. It ended up looking a bit too much like Minecraft. But I think that is unavoidable when using a low poly 3D scene with pixel art textures.

Anyway, a Merry Christmas! ;-)

Render Engine

During my game development study I became more and more interested in how certain graphical effects are created. Unfortunately, that part wasn’t included in my courses. I’ve already been trying to start with OpenGL / DirextX for two years now, but I always got stuck with some error that I didn’t understand and didn’t know how to look up using Google.

A few weeks ago I finally got the time to try it again and managed to get OpenGL working with C++. So the past weeks I wrote a small render engine to understand OpenGL better and how the render pipeline works in general.

It is currently possible to load an .obj file in the render engine, create a material for this object with a certain diffuse color, specular color and a specular strength. Using a combination of vertex and fragment shaders the shadows and lightning for each model gets calculated.

Find the source of the engine here:

And some screenshots of my own demo:

Rrenderer demo screenshot

The next points I want to focus on are:

  • Movable lights
  • Multiple light
  • Easy movement of objects.

Semester abroad in Stuttgart, Germany

The coming semester (six months) I will be following the minor Game Technology at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. I’m doing this minor because in The Netherlands there is no minor in Game Development. For me there is enough left to learn in the game development field. So I didn’t feel like doing a minor in Software Engineering or something the like.

The courses I will have this semester are:

  • Gameplay programming
    Lua binding, scripting in game engines, gameplay related game engine features
  • Game engine programming
    Game engine structure and core systems
  • Computer Graphics
    Modeling, render pipeline, shaders
  • Practical course in Game Development
    Large ‘realistic’ video game production project of around 30 people
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