Echoboom & Mini Dogfight

And another quite delayed blog post. Last year, from August to January I followed an internship at a small Game Development Studio in Madrid, Echoboom. My friend and colleague Stephan (from Peerby) brought me in contact with the owner of the Studio and as result I was invited to follow my internship there.

In the six months I worked there, I worked mainly on one project. When I arrived at the company in the beginning of August, they already had the complete concept and all the graphics for a new game called Mini Dogfight. It was my task to start this project. The game would be made using Unity (an easy to use Game Engine).

Besides some introduction tutorials, I didn’t work with Unity before. As a result starting such a big project was a bit of a struggle. In the end I managed though, with some help of my colleagues, to finish a first version of the game in six months. Below are some screenshots of the game, or try the game yourself: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows App Store

Mini Dogfight

Mini Dogfight

Mini Dogfight

The game is free-to-play, try it!

Soundcloud­Scrobbler not working


Apparently Soundcloud updated their website and because of this the Soundcloud Scrobbler can’t scrobble tracks anymore. Unfortunately this is not a small change but quite a big one, so don’t expect the scrobbler to work in the near future.

I didn’t try it myself (yet), but you could try to scrobble your tracks with this extension: Scrobbler

Interested in the technical details? Read on.

The Scrobbler extension always used the wavy representations of the sounds on the Soundcloud webpage. One important thing which was retrieved from the page is the duration of the track, which track is playing, and which part of the track is currently playing. Sadly enough, the wavy representations are now drawn on a canvas element. This makes it, as far as I know, impossible to read the data from the page.

I already looked for some new solutions:

  • Soundcloud makes API calls to their own API, the Scrobbler could in some way listen to those calls and according to the calls scrobble the right track.
  • It should be possible to hijack the Soundcloud Javascript, although I’m afraid this is really hard and breaks quickly.
  • Another option is to Scrobble the tracks without time-duration, this is probably the easiest, but LastFM doesnt like it that much.

Do you have a better idea? Write me at

Cheers, Arco


Although it’s pretty late, there’s no better time to tell you I work at Peerby! (actually I already work there for six months)

Say what? Peerby?

PeerbyYes, Peerby (pronounced  something like Peerbaai or Peerbie) is an online platform to share things. You probably have like a few hundreds or maybe thousands of people living in walking distance of your home. The idea of the platform is to share things in your house with those in your neighborhood who could need that, but don’t feel like buying it themselves.

For instance, on New Years Eve I needed a bike because some friends were coming over. We wanted to go to a party, and the taxi here in Amsterdam is way too expensive for us poor students. So I requested a bike on Peerby and in a few hours there were three people willing to lend me a bike!
It’s like magic…

Well actually, not that I want to ruin this party, it’s not magic. Since my job is to make the platform even more awesome, and no magic spell is used, ever. Nope, instead we’re working with NodeJS, CouchDB, MongoDB, Less and Backbone :-)

That’s about it. And yea the reason this might be the right time to post this is that is now available in English! So I say to you: is there is any reason -at all- not to support your neighbors? I say nay! So do it. Do it

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